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Businness Activities

ImageStar consulting focuses on working with municipalities:

Organizes, assists and ascertains sources of financing for the development of projects of municipalities in Ukraine.

Assists municipalities to obtain appropriate sources of funding from EU, European banks and strategic investors to develop infrastructure.

Assist to constitute Private public partnership (PPP)

Facilitates European grants intended for Ukraine, its specific municipalities and businesses 


Cooperates with EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and EIB (European Investment Bank), creditors focusing on municipality development 

Identifies fitting strategic partners, adhering to PPP while financing or co-financing the development of municipalities

Some examples of successful projects include long-term leases of urban infrastracture companies and their financing by identified partners (concession) 

ImageStrategic partners of Star Consulting Ltd. are also assisting to finance the non-profitable sector of cities and villages.

Achieved successes: 

  • Better quality of life 
  • Positive social effect
    • Water 
    • Sewers 
    • Heat
    • Street Lights - safety 
    • Developed city and content residents